Your audience; knowing what they want and how they want it

Lauren Joyce on July 12, 2017

Here’s a lady who knows how to speak to ladies.  Kate Kendall (AKA Active Yogi) describes herself like this:

I’m a life student, yogi, nature lover and a good mate to my friends. I’m also Co-Founder & Director of Yoga at Flow Athletic, in Sydney’s Paddington.

Not only was she one half of the brains behind the holistic fitness approach at Flow Athletic; leveraging the fact that people (particularly women) were visiting multiple fitness venues and resources for their whole body well-being, but she has now tapped into the renaissance of podcasts in exactly the way that women want it.

The 2016 annual Mamamia Women’s Network survey told us that women were seeking more podcast content for “the choice and control” it allows, as well as the freedom to consume content while getting something else done – like exercising, commuting or cooking.

So Kate’s latest venture The Space Between podcast allows women to consume content while participating in yoga practice.  The two work well together.

Podcast content is usually entertaining or informative but requires the listener to engage with intent, as opposed to music based content which can be consumed entirely passively.  Kate’s conversations are with people “who are living an inspired life and mindfully making a difference to the people around them” and are interspersed with a well described yoga sequence.

This content is a great lesson in how a brand can create content that is entertaining while delivering it in a way that is useful to the audience.  It demonstrates an intimate understanding of her audience and how they use the platforms she can engage them on.


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