Abby Ballard on November 28, 2017

A caution for all advertisers, girls aren’t OK with this

Last month, funnily enough on the International Day of the Girl, writer, Bianca Wordley stumbled upon an advertisement that left her a bit angry. Or, as the headlines read, “fuming“. Part of their new swimwear line, the fashion company, General Pants Co., decided to lead with the message: Slippery When...
Lauren Joyce on August 30, 2017

Marketing to women: a chat with Darren Woolley

The latest episode of Trinity P3‘s Managing Marketing podcast was released last week and it features us! Kylie Rogers, MD of MWN and myself took the opportunity to answer all of Darren’s questions about why brands should be thinking about a tailored strategy for connecting with women and some of...
Lauren Joyce on August 25, 2017

Gender Equality – men don’t always know how to help [Guest Post]

Before going into this, I feel it’s important to state from the outset that I recognise my privilege of being white, male, University educated. In fact, even though I acknowledge it, I almost certainly never will truly understand what this privilege I’ve been so lucky to have means. At best...
Andi McDermott on May 26, 2017

When tech giants take a stand

The launch of ‘Searching for Syria’ earlier this week saw tech giant Google making a stand in the current new world order of fake news and foreign hysteria. A partnership that has led to the sharing of UNHCR’s data and Google’s mapping and image technology has led to the creation...
Lauren Joyce on May 8, 2017

Kraft know that mums are women first

Kraft Mac & Cheese have nailed it with this ad. They’ve created a humourous ad that taps into the current trend around ‘real mums’, imperfect parenting and confident queens. I love that tonally they’ve taken a poke at over intellectualised parenting advice while also pulling back the curtain of the...