Abby Ballard on November 28, 2017

A caution for all advertisers, girls aren’t OK with this

Last month, funnily enough on the International Day of the Girl, writer, Bianca Wordley stumbled upon an advertisement that left her a bit angry. Or, as the headlines read, “fuming“. Part of their new swimwear line, the fashion company, General Pants Co., decided to lead with the message: Slippery When...
Abby Ballard on October 17, 2017

Let’s support International Day of the Girl

Wednesday, 11 October, marked the International Day of the Girl. It’s funny when days like these come around – including, International Women’s Day – how some people wonder why they should exist. As someone who works in the media, and moderates the comments of hundreds of people each day, the...
Abby Ballard on September 29, 2017

Does your stock photo represent your customer?

For the past six years of my life, I have spent a decent amount of time scrolling through photo sites. Not for fun (I swear), but in my various jobs I have always been required to find Stock images to illustrate articles we were publishing. If you’re scratching your head...
Lauren Joyce on June 23, 2017

BROAD helped to raise $17k as part of the Vinnies CEO Sleepout

At BROAD our mission is to help brands unlock the power of women and this is exactly what happened last night when the MD of our parent company Mamamia Women’s Network, Kylie Rogers participated in the 2017 Vinnies CEO Sleepout.  Via the Mamamia Women’s Network we helped raise $17,000 for...