Abby Ballard on November 28, 2017

A caution for all advertisers, girls aren’t OK with this

Last month, funnily enough on the International Day of the Girl, writer, Bianca Wordley stumbled upon an advertisement that left her a bit angry. Or, as the headlines read, “fuming“. Part of their new swimwear line, the fashion company, General Pants Co., decided to lead with the message: Slippery When...
Anna MacDonald on October 31, 2017

How to fail like a Woman? Easy! Fail like a Girl.

Following a campaign such as Like a Girl would be no easy task, it was a truth that packed a punch, and the 64 Million views it has clocked up on YouTube show that we took note, yet P&G has come out strong with their latest ad that urges girls...
Abby Ballard on October 17, 2017

Let’s support International Day of the Girl

Wednesday, 11 October, marked the International Day of the Girl. It’s funny when days like these come around – including, International Women’s Day – how some people wonder why they should exist. As someone who works in the media, and moderates the comments of hundreds of people each day, the...
Lauren Joyce on June 6, 2017

Is UEFA’s female recruitment drive as strong as it can be?

Last week UEFA launched a new campaign – #WePlayStrong, which is aimed at increasing the popularity of women’s football. The TV ad shows young women coming together to play and watch football (soccer) and is somewhat reminiscent of Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ campaign. Whilst the sentiment of the ad...
Lauren Joyce on May 10, 2017

A round of applause for ACS

Waiting to cross the road on my way into the office this morning, an ad on the side of a bus caught my attention. It was for ACS. I had never come across this brand before but I noted it down because the ad was quite disruptive. Disruptive in the...