Satisfying videos – a trend to jump on

Kate Crowther on April 1, 2017

For brands that are nimble enough to act, jumping on social media trends can prove lucrative.

There is a current trend around #satisfyingvideos that I love and think that brands could benefit from leveraging.  These videos deliver a moment of sensory relief in an otherwise cluttered and chaotic newsfeed.  They’re the colour blends, the slow-mo cascades and 2d immersions that somehow seem 3d.

Often we talk to brands about how they will add value to a consumer’s life and since more brands have become content-smart, doing this through entertainment or utility is becoming more difficult.  #Satisfyingvideos however, take content out of the entertainment realm and into the sensory – not just filling a moment but creating a moment that “feels” different to the rest of one’s content consumption.

“Recently, agency Arnold Worldwide created a painting video series called “Color Theory” to promote telecom company CenturyLink’s new service Prism TV. Those slow-motion clips are close-ups of artist and Instagram influencer Annette Labedzki creating different colors — blue, pink, orange and green — with a painting spatula.” (source: Digiday)

A few rules for jumping on trends:
Do it in a timely fashion – like any trend, you’ll look a bit silly if you jump on too late and people have lost interest
Commit – don’t just do one or two videos but create (or collate) enough to satisfy the demand that you’re trying to generate
Be relevant – become part of the trend but be clear about why. Honesty is the best policy, so if you’re jumping on board just because it is popular – say so!

Here’s some more #satisfyingvideos to get you mesmerized.

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