Kraft know that mums are women first

Lauren Joyce on May 8, 2017

Kraft Mac & Cheese have nailed it with this ad.

They’ve created a humourous ad that taps into the current trend around ‘real mums’, imperfect parenting and confident queens.

I love that tonally they’ve taken a poke at over intellectualised parenting advice while also pulling back the curtain of the ‘perfect’ family home to say what every mum thinks; “mothering is f*cking hard work”!

Moreover, they prove that they believe what they say by being honest about the role their brand plays in a mums life – it’s a shortcut to dinner that sometimes you just have to make.

We know that this approach appeals to women. Our research into “Building an Always On Relationship with Women” shows that 85% say ‘think of me as a woman first and a mum second’. She’s human like the rest of us and that means she drops the occasional f-bomb in front of her 3 year old!

I originally saw this ad here

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