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Abby Ballard on October 17, 2017

Let’s support International Day of the Girl

Wednesday, 11 October, marked the International Day of the Girl. It’s funny when days like these come around – including, International Women’s Day – how some people wonder why they should exist. As someone who works in the media, and moderates the comments of hundreds of people each day, the...
Abby Ballard on October 9, 2017

Women and their views on marriage equality.

It’s funny how often people joke about women reaching into their husband’s wallet. Or, when a kid wants to buy something, they have to coax their dad to whip out a $10 note. I even remember the routine as a child. Begging my dad to let me buy a toy,...
Abby Ballard on September 29, 2017

Does your stock photo represent your customer?

For the past six years of my life, I have spent a decent amount of time scrolling through photo sites. Not for fun (I swear), but in my various jobs I have always been required to find Stock images to illustrate articles we were publishing. If you’re scratching your head...
Andi McDermott on September 1, 2017

Are brand names going to be replaced with our own names?

For years the personalisation trend has been topping the lists of “Top marketing predictions for the next year”. Claims that consumers will shun one size fits all, and instead embrace products which act as an extension of them; an individual. Well, it seems like that time has finally arrived. Yes,...
Lauren Joyce on August 30, 2017

Marketing to women: a chat with Darren Woolley

The latest episode of Trinity P3‘s Managing Marketing podcast was released last week and it features us! Kylie Rogers, MD of MWN and myself took the opportunity to answer all of Darren’s questions about why brands should be thinking about a tailored strategy for connecting with women and some of...
Lauren Joyce on August 25, 2017

Gender Equality – men don’t always know how to help [Guest Post]

Before going into this, I feel it’s important to state from the outset that I recognise my privilege of being white, male, University educated. In fact, even though I acknowledge it, I almost certainly never will truly understand what this privilege I’ve been so lucky to have means. At best...
Andi McDermott on August 24, 2017

Dear social media; it’s not me…it’s you.

I have a confession: I like getting phone calls, and making them and I like being able to tell a story that doesn’t require writing an essay text. And I’ve come to realise, that this is becoming something more and more rare. In our times, making a phone call is...
Andi McDermott on July 27, 2017

Are women just the latest marketing fad?

Something is happening to my screens. My tv, my computer, my phone are all showing the same thing. Women. More specifically, women doing things. And saying things. They are talking about their strength, weakness, and their potential, and their power, knowledge. Yes, some of them are still smiling and cleaning,...
Andi McDermott on July 25, 2017

Data can be beautifully creative

I’m not a laugh out loud person. Wait. Let me explain. I don’t laugh out loud when I watch tv, or see a movie, or read something. I can’t explain it, I just find it difficult. In my head it’s a completely different story, I’m laughing and giggling away and...