Andi McDermott on April 3, 2018

Women and Whisky, a stride or a crawl?

The iconic whisky brand Johnnie Walker made headlines earlier this month after they announced the arrival of Jane Walker – bottles of the classic scotch featuring a female version of their iconic striding logo. The logo rejig (a first for the company in over 100 years) was timed to coincide...
Andi McDermott on September 1, 2017

Are brand names going to be replaced with our own names?

For years the personalisation trend has been topping the lists of “Top marketing predictions for the next year”. Claims that consumers will shun one size fits all, and instead embrace products which act as an extension of them; an individual. Well, it seems like that time has finally arrived. Yes,...
Andi McDermott on August 24, 2017

Dear social media; it’s not me…it’s you.

I have a confession: I like getting phone calls, and making them and I like being able to tell a story that doesn’t require writing an essay text. And I’ve come to realise, that this is becoming something more and more rare. In our times, making a phone call is...
Andi McDermott on July 27, 2017

Are women just the latest marketing fad?

Something is happening to my screens. My tv, my computer, my phone are all showing the same thing. Women. More specifically, women doing things. And saying things. They are talking about their strength, weakness, and their potential, and their power, knowledge. Yes, some of them are still smiling and cleaning,...
Andi McDermott on July 25, 2017

Data can be beautifully creative

I’m not a laugh out loud person. Wait. Let me explain. I don’t laugh out loud when I watch tv, or see a movie, or read something. I can’t explain it, I just find it difficult. In my head it’s a completely different story, I’m laughing and giggling away and...
Andi McDermott on July 18, 2017

Mercedes I love you, but you’re bringing me down.

This post is a bit different.  2 BROADS, from 2 generations, with 2 different perspectives.   The Millennial BROAD – Andi. I want to preface this by saying I know nothing about cars. I know the big brands, and I know how to drive. I get the basics, but beyond...
Andi McDermott on June 2, 2017

The Rainbow Village of Java; the power of a tin of paint

A small community in Indonesia has recently undergone a refurbishment that looks like something inspired by a bag of Skittles. Kampung Pelangi — otherwise known as “Rainbow Village” has been transformed from a tired suburb on the island of Java, to a visual feast for the eyes, as locals took...
Andi McDermott on May 26, 2017

When tech giants take a stand

The launch of ‘Searching for Syria’ earlier this week saw tech giant Google making a stand in the current new world order of fake news and foreign hysteria. A partnership that has led to the sharing of UNHCR’s data and Google’s mapping and image technology has led to the creation...