Should content deliver business outcomes?

Lauren Joyce on July 24, 2017

Under Armour, the sports apparel brand, has just launched a series of content promoting their female range.  “Unlike Any” is a digitally led campaign that showcases the physical feats of well-known female athletes.

Set to a background of poetry or lyrics each piece of content feels inspiring and does a great job of showcasing athletes in their element rather than simply using their incredible bodies as ‘clothes horses’.  The treatment feels very ‘mobile first’; shot from different angles and creating a 360 degree effect.  

However, I feel like there has been a missed opportunity around serialising the content.  The campaign will consist of 350 pieces of content but having watched a few; there doesn’t appear to be a magnet that will get people seeking it out or returning for the newest piece.  

Unlike Any: Natasha Hastings

Unlike Any: Jessie Graff

When brands create content they need to be thinking about what value they can bring to the consumer’s content experience.  When the content sits too firmly in inspiration territory but lacks any utilitarian aspect, it can quickly become Facebook-wall-paper.  I believe the risk for Under Armour is a collection of content that people will be happy to engage with mid feed but unlikely to seek out meaning it may not deliver beyond soft brand metrics.

This said, the brand is really smart to have created a campaign that both promotes their female range and engages women.  According to MWN Audience Research (Oct/Nov 2016),  women hold the majority (56% average) of spending control across sporting events, memberships and equipment and the vast majority of control (97%) over apparel purchases.  In fact; women make 64% of decisions when it comes to what their spouses are wearing. So it follows that for Under Armour any content that drives brand affinity with women is going to have some positive business outcome both through the female range and the core male offering.

See more about the campaign here.

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