Are brand names going to be replaced with our own names?

Andi McDermott on September 1, 2017

For years the personalisation trend has been topping the lists of “Top marketing predictions for the next year”. Claims that consumers will shun one size fits all, and instead embrace products which act as an extension of them; an individual.

Well, it seems like that time has finally arrived. Yes, we made it. We are truly in the age of the individual –  we want everything from our banking to travel, to beauty and health products to encapsulate the very definition of bespoke.

Crafting everything for the individual.

And while this rising demand  for individualisation has forced brands to re-think their cookie cutter approach to their offering – it appears that personalisation may be more than a marker of change in brand strategy.

While consumers once clamored to keep up with the Joneses and replicate their purchases and lifestyle with precision, it appears that the Joneses have now gone bespoke – monogrammed phone cases and all.

Which makes me think, is personalisation the new luxury? Are brand names going to be replaced with our own names?

Take the example of vitamin startup Care/of. Care/of’s customizable vitamin packs launched in November stateside, with the promise of “honest guidance and better ingredients.” Users answer questions about their age and lifestyle and an algorithm recommends a custom blend sourced from high-quality ingredients. Vitamins are then delivered to your door on a monthly basis, in daily doses with your name on them. All for the low, low price of $30 a month.

Will you remember to take these now they have your name on them?

Let’s think about that.

Vitamins. In an individually sealed pack. With your name on them.

It’s equal parts enviable and ridiculous.

But it’s that envy factor that brands are latching onto and driving home. As humans, we crave being different, yet still desirable and it appears that we are all for paying a few extra dollars to do this.

Personalisation en masse has extended from phone cases, to kid’s accessories and kitchen spreads.

While the quest for personalisation doesn’t seem like it’s fading anytime soon, it’s important for brands to think about whether this new trend is going to end up alienating some of their audience further down the track.  I wonder what it means for supply chain management and whether the Care/of approach is sustainable.

Is personalisation going to start becoming the guardian of our personality?

Me and my off-the-shelf phone case truly hope not.


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