A round of applause for ACS

Lauren Joyce on May 10, 2017

Waiting to cross the road on my way into the office this morning, an ad on the side of a bus caught my attention.

It was for ACS. I had never come across this brand before but I noted it down because the ad was quite disruptive. Disruptive in the sense that it featured a little girl dressed as a superhero and carried the copy: Empowering Australian Innovation.

When I searched for more about this work I found a campaign that many other brands can take lessons from.

Here is the TV ad:

What’s great about this campaign is that the words and imagery connect really well. They’re talking about innovation and the future then representing this with diversity in their casting. ACS have featured people of different ethnicities, ages and genders in their communications and this carries across the advertising as well as owned content on their website. The choice to feature a girl in a powerful stance, ready to charge at the future is recognising the important role that women play in shaping and driving Australia’s future – it acts as an inspiration for young women whilst also normalising the presence of women in a traditionally male skewed tech-based industry. I daresay it will serve as a successful consideration and subsequent acquisition driver among women considering a career in technical industries.

I hope we see more of this work soon.

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