Yoplait; helping mums wear their ‘fails’ like a badge of honour

Lauren Joyce on June 21, 2017

Yoplait have nailed it. Nailed. It.

Recently, they launched a campaign in the US called #MumOn. It was developed by 72andsunny and tackles mum shaming. They’ve done a great job of leveraging the ‘real parenting’ trend which celebrates the nails and fails of parenting (if this appeals to you listen to This Glorious Mess! and of course watch Bad Mums).

The campaign appears to be content led with a hero TVC and a number of supporting social videos. They have also partnered with comediennes and YouTube influencers I-mom-so-hard to promote the campaign and produce content ongoing.  After watching the hero piece I couldn’t switch off and watched every subsequent piece of content.


Here’s why it works:
The content is created with the audience in mind first. Of course the brand features and is wrapped around the content in a ‘brought to you by…’ style but it delivers what the audience is seeking – a moment of laughter amidst the chaos of life.
It’s relatable. The scenarios played out both in the TVC and content pieces are familiar scenarios that many parents discuss and, the actors are cast with diversity in mind.
The content is empowering. The topic of mum shaming and judgement is fraught with emotion and has the potential to spiral into negativity but the treatment of this content is upbeat and empowering – it encourages parents to wear their ‘realness’ like a badge of honour.
It’s authentic. Yoplait aren’t over-promising or trying to spin a tiny product feature into a huge consumer benefit – they’re simply making their product permissable.

With mums making 97%* of grocery related purchase decisions, I imagine that everything about this campaign and how it connects with grocery buyers will be effective.

*SOURCE: MWN Audience Research, Oct/Nov 2016

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