OkCupid is DTFind more female users

Anna MacDonald on January 11, 2018

January, or more specifically the first week of January, is the time when singles around decide they need to get serious about dating, and to help them, OkCupid (US) released a striking new campaign.

OkCupid is “an American-based international operating online dating, friendship, and social networking website that features multiple-choice questions in order to match members” and is one of the biggest dating sites globally. They claim to be the only dating app that knows you’re more substance than just a selfie which is why their current US campaign is insightfully relevant and beautifully creative.

The entire campaign is a work of art which redefines the acronym DTF (down to f***). It’s striking, different and works well in getting across getting their brand message across. In a world of swipe right or left it is easy to be very cynical about dating and usually, with good reason, this campaign attempts to break that cynicism and brings the potential that dating should hold while differentiating their brand.

The reason for the DTF is explained on their website, designed to be an empowering move for women, it is executed brilliantly.

“Let’s take something that’s often used to impose an antiquated dynamic on relationships, and turn it into a positive, powerful thing, for women in particular. Let’s do it because dating deserves better, you deserve better, and repositioning a once negative label into a positive one actually works.”  

Dating sites are tightly closed books in revealing their male to female ratio to customers whereas numerous amateur studies have all concluded males outnumber female users to varying degrees, it seems fair to assume having a strong female-base is essential to remain a key player.

A healthy dose of both cynicism and humour is required to keep anyone sane in the dating world,  however, it is especially needed by women who are often quickly dis-hearted by matching with men only DTF.  Designing this campaign for women is not only a smart move,  it has been played well by OkCupid.

You can read more from OKCupid on their campaign here 

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