The content is in the character

wpengine on March 23, 2017

Netflix have just announced an original series about Sophia Amoruso, founder of fashion brand Nasty Girl and author of #girlboss.  See the trailer:

The trailer makes this look like binge worthy viewing but what I see is a piece of branded content – for a business that is currently facing a challenging time despite it’s trailblazing start.
The content (or at least the trailer) delivers a great lesson for brands.  No one is interested in how much you sell or how you deliver the service you do; they’re interested in the people and characters that make that shit happen.
It will be interesting to see how this piece affects the overall health of the business and if it can create a renaissance for the brand.
When creating content think about the human interest factor….
  • If it’s a new product launch – who designed it?
  • If it’s an improved service – whose complaint sparked it?
  • If you have no new news – tell the story of Paul in IT who runs works to fund his marathon running… there will always be an interesting human within your business, you just need to track them down.
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