How to leverage the wellness trend with women

Lauren Joyce on May 10, 2017

Wellness is a trend that has been floating around for some time. It has created waves in the healthcare industry and sparked businesses that either never existed or lived on the outskirts of ‘alternative’ society. According to the Global Wellness Institute (a US non-profit organisation), the global wellness industry grew by 10.6% from 20136-2015 to a total value of $3.7 trillion. Unsurprisingly, growth in the wellness economy can be directly correlated with an increasingly connected and chaotic world. JWT have done a deep dive into this trend here.

What is interesting for brands looking to leverage the trend is the difference between how men and women view wellness. Women are much more likely to think about wellness and also take a holistic view on it than are men. This makes them prime consumers for ‘packaged’ wellness offerings – think; whole family health, mental and physical health, digital detox and mindfulness.

The opportunity for brands then is to partner with other brands and offer her the whole solution in a convenient way. This isn’t just relevant for brands overtly operating in the wellness landscape but for brands looking to leverage the trend. Think; a fitness & supplement brand teaming up with a hotel chain to offer her the same wellness opportunities she would have at home, when she’s travelling for work. In it’s most basic form the ‘activewear’ trend is an example of creating a shortcut for women by creating fashionable clothes that she can wear in multiple locations.

While women are thinking about wellness their lives are getting no less busy so helping her make shortcuts to wellness with this bundled approach will be both motivating and appreciated.

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