How to fail like a Woman? Easy! Fail like a Girl.

Anna MacDonald on October 31, 2017

Following a campaign such as Like a Girl would be no easy task, it was a truth that packed a punch, and the 64 Million views it has clocked up on YouTube show that we took note, yet P&G has come out strong with their latest ad that urges girls to keep going.

The next instalment of #LikeAGirl highlights that a girl’s fear of failure is something that should be addressed, with 50% of girls feeling paralysed by a fear of failure during puberty, however for those brands speaking to women, this fear of failure doesn’t end in adolescence.  Research out of the US shows that female college students who have become accustomed to straight As start dropping out of STEM subjects when they get B’s (which is hardly failing), fueling the underrepresentation of women in this critical field.  Anyone familiar with Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In will know that men go for jobs when they have 60% of the qualification whereas women will apply only if they have 100%.

As well as the powerful insight into girls’ fearing failure, the other thing I love about a campaign like this is that it normalises the conversation that none of us are perfect, seeing that it’s not just ok, but perfectly normal part of life to fail is great for girls and women alike. Research shows that women seek out brands that are authentic and any campaign that mirrors her increasing shift to a ‘balance is bulls**t’ stance should resonate, and we are increasingly seeing the movie industry celebrate this trend as demonstrated by the success of films like Bad Moms.

Authentic is the new aspirational, the more advertising we see of people not living perfect lives, failing as part of everyday life and addressing our unspoken fears, the better.

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