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Andi McDermott on April 3, 2018

Women and Whisky, a stride or a crawl?

The iconic whisky brand Johnnie Walker made headlines earlier this month after they announced the arrival of Jane Walker – bottles of the classic scotch featuring a female version of their iconic striding logo. The logo rejig (a first for the company in over 100 years) was timed to coincide...
Anna MacDonald on March 8, 2018

Adpology – A fantastic video for all marketers to watch

Anna MacDonald on March 2, 2018

Is #IWD2018 really a marketing opportunity?

Since the 2017 International Women’s Day, the world, at least the world for Western women, has changed. We’ve had the Harvey Weinstein allegations that kicked off the #metoo movement, which in turn, led to the #timesup initiative. While the US led #metoo, we had our own Australian champion with Tracey...
Anna MacDonald on January 11, 2018

OkCupid is DTFind more female users

January, or more specifically the first week of January, is the time when singles around decide they need to get serious about dating, and to help them, OkCupid (US) released a striking new campaign. OkCupid is “an American-based international operating online dating, friendship, and social networking website that features multiple-choice...
Abby Ballard on November 28, 2017

A caution for all advertisers, girls aren’t OK with this

Last month, funnily enough on the International Day of the Girl, writer, Bianca Wordley stumbled upon an advertisement that left her a bit angry. Or, as the headlines read, “fuming“. Part of their new swimwear line, the fashion company, General Pants Co., decided to lead with the message: Slippery When...
Abby Ballard on November 28, 2017

Changing the post baby body reality.

Shame. Perhaps, one of the most expressed emotions by women, in particular mothers. As I trawl through social media comments or submissions to our sister site, Mamamia, shame is a topic that women easily identify with. Shame about how much time – or, not enough – they spend with their...
Anna MacDonald on November 22, 2017

Why isn’t Christmas advertising magical?

The Christmas ads started a few weeks ago, and as someone who grew up in England but spent nearly all my adult life here,  it’s always fun to see the difference between how Australia and the UK approach Christmas advertising;  three things jump out every year. The first thing you...
Anna MacDonald on November 9, 2017

The Battle for Screen Time just got funny

Parents concern over their kids’ screen time is nothing new, media and technology have been an increasing source of tension within families for a few years now and over a third of families agree that they find it difficult to take a break from technology even when they know they...
Anna MacDonald on October 31, 2017

How to fail like a Woman? Easy! Fail like a Girl.

Following a campaign such as Like a Girl would be no easy task, it was a truth that packed a punch, and the 64 Million views it has clocked up on YouTube show that we took note, yet P&G has come out strong with their latest ad that urges girls...