The Battle for Screen Time just got funny

Anna MacDonald on November 9, 2017

Parents concern over their kids’ screen time is nothing new, media and technology have been an increasing source of tension within families for a few years now and over a third of families agree that they find it difficult to take a break from technology even when they know they should.  However, I’m so familiar with both the message and the problem that I’ve switched off to it, stumbling my way through screen time controls in any way that gets me through and actively avoiding the horror stories that predict a nation of zombiefied kids addicted to their mobiles for life support.

But this spot from the US just made me take note and reassess how I need to manage this ongoing battle in my own home. Of course, Will Ferrell certainly helps the spot stand out, makes you smile and gets the message across.


The utopia of a device free family dinner was tackled by Dolmio here a few years ago with their successful Pepper Hacker social experiment, and it seems two years on, the concern from mums, in particular, is as high as ever.

Whenever there is an unspoken truth that we bring to light there is an instant connection between brand and audience; the reality is that parents are struggling to manage their kids, (and their own) screen time. They don’t need more judgment; they need to know they are not the only ones.

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