An unintentional brand win

Lauren Joyce on July 17, 2017

I’ll be showing my age (and hermit-like social status) by admitting that I had heard of Macklemore but had no idea that he was a human not a band and had no idea what type of music he/they played.  But I do now because I just watched his latest film clip from start to finish.

So I now know that Macklemore is a rapper and that he has a beautiful relationship with his 100 year old Nan.

His latest song is called Glorious and the film clip follows he & his Nan celebrating her 100th birthday doing everything and anything that she wants.  Clearly, some of the things they get up to are scripted but nonetheless, it is a heartwarming piece of content that unintentionally I suspect; expands his audience appeal.

I spoke a few weeks ago about the importance of considering both the end user and purchaser of a product individually and I feel like that’s what has happened here.  I suspect most parents are like me and are anxiously naive to the details of the pop-culture their kids engage in but by delivering a piece of content that could resonate with them, Macklemore is making himself parent-approved.  While parents aren’t likely to suddenly become fans of the rapper, they are likely to feel more comfortable with their kids spending their money on music, apparel and events related to him.  In effect, unlocking both the kids and parents wallet.

Intentional or not; it’s a great piece of content that tugs at the heartstrings and makes you want to pick up the phone to your own Nan.

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